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Affiliate program update

Now "For partners" section is available on our website.
In this section you can get acquainted with with the types of our affiliate program details, see the leaderboard of the top 10 platform partners and apply for the status of a representative of the Titan7 platform!


Spanish, Chinese, Thai and that's not all yet!

We are starting an extensive update program for the Titan7 platform and we are glad to inform you that now our site is available for you in 3 new languages.


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Step 3. Adding more security

Important information! Please read it first!

1. E-mail

Use only valid e-mail address which you can actually sign in order to receive a withdrawal code and important information. All accounts with inactive e-mails will be permanently deactivated without any deposit refunds. We strongly recommend you to use gmail.com

2. IP and physical address

In order to protect your funds and do not cause an automatic security checkout, please try to log in your TITAN7 profile with only one IP address, basically using one physical address only.

3. Multiple accounts

It is strictly prohibited to register multiple accounts in your team. All new investor's profiles are being constantly moderated and checked on affiliate fraud attempts. In the case of confirmed affiliate fraud, all accounts (including referrer) will be permanently blocked without any deposits or available balance refunds. Use only one account for your needs.

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